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All students grades K-8 must complete your iReady Math and Reading diagnostic before the end of the school year. This data is important to our school improvement process. Please reach out to your teacher if you have any issues with iReady.

iReady will remain open during the summer for students to make progress in instructional lessons.


VLAC Second Semester Pacing Guide

As we wrap up first semester, we are aware some students are done with their courses and want to move on to second semester already. Please use the pacing guide below for second semester courses. Reach out to your mentor teacher if you have any questions.

VLAC Second Semester Pacing Guide (PDF)

Upcoming Count Weeks

In virtual programs in the State of Michigan, we are required to complete two count months per year. The second count month begins in February. Count weeks are from Wednesday to Tuesday. Students will complete a "two way interaction" with their teachers each week ASAP when their mentor teacher posts their interaction on Google Classroom. Students who we do not have interactions complete will be contacted by VLAC office staff; if we are unable to contact you, we will notify your district who may then decide to take further action. Districts pay student tuition to VLAC and it is up to them if you do not participate in count and they want to remove you from the program as a result. Please participate during count month as it is very important to us to provide this service for our districts.

State Testing Dates

VLAC students take required state tests in person at our Waterford location. Please mark your calendars for the following dates:

March 14: WIDA for students designated as English Language Learners

April 12: SAT 11th Grade and 8th Grade PSAT

April 13: ACT Work Keys 11th Grade

April 18: 9th Grade PSAT and 11th Grade Science and Social Studies M Step

May 1-May 5: 3rd through 8th Grade M Step Testing

Families are notified via email well in advance of testing dates by grade level including times.