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Math (Grade 3-5)

Math (Grade 3-5)

Unit 1: Place Value, Comparing/Ordering, Patterns & Expressions

Project 1: Family Math Night Coordinator

In this task students will create a board game and a Jeopardy game to review and apply the concepts of place value, rounding, factors & multiples and patterns. Products in this task include a board game and Jeopardy game.

Project 2: Escape Room Designer

Through this design process, students learn how math and technology can be
combined to create challenging and engaging puzzles that require both logic and content knowledge to solve. Students will use their knowledge of place value, comparing and ordering decimals, and their ability to identify number patterns & solve expressions to create an immersive content review. Products in this task include a

  • Grade 3-5
  • Math Grade 3-5

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