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Math (Grade K-1)

Math (Grade K-1)

Unit 1: Counting & PLace Value Concepts

Project 1: My Piggy Bank (Money Manager)

In this task students will explore the different ways people earn and save money. They will also learn the importance of following a budget. Products in this task include counting coins and making a dime.

Project 2: Game Designer

In this task, students will count and write whole numbers to create different types of puzzles. Products in this task include a jigsaw puzzle and matching game.

Project 3: Toy Store Stockperson

This task includes 2 products. In the Earthquake in the Stockroom task, students will be faced with a stockroom where all the bouncy balls have fallen off the shelves and out of their packaging. Students will package the bouncy balls in tens and ones in different ways and list how many are in their inventory. In the Bouncy Ball Display task, students will count the numbers of bouncy balls they have in stock, using tens and ones to count and to report the bouncy ball inventory in their store. They will then create a way to display the bouncy balls in the store. For each task, students will use colored chips (representing the bouncy balls) to guide their work. It may help students to have linking cubes to use for modeling as they take ones and form them into tens.

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  • Math Grade K-1

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