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Virtual Learning Academy Consortium

Traditional Elective Courses

boy playing music

Lincoln Empowered offers Lincoln K-5 standards-based electives courses that make it possible for schools to meet the needs of students who want to learn in subject areas that otherwise would not be available to them. Lincoln Empowered courses give students multiple ways to engage with, understand, and demonstrate mastery of the course content.

  • Dynamic & Engaging Online Activities -Students establish their own learning paths with the Lincoln Empowered’s instructional videos that inspire, motivate, and prepare students to learn, and online manipulatives like simulations and games that gauge students understanding.

  • Intuitive Design- Students feel comfortable and confident as they engage with the Lincoln Empowered course content. Every course is created from the same research-based instructional principles and learning design with the goal to make the technology disappear, and enable students to focus solely on course content.

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Notice: course content is subject to change. Core academic courses ( ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies) include kits with print books for most grades. All books are also available online. 

Elective Course List

  • Kindergarten - Art
  • Kindergarten - Music
  • Kindergarten - Physical Education
  • First Grade - Art
  • First Grade - Music
  • First Grade - Physical Education
  • Second Grade - Art
  • Second Grade  - Music
  • Second Grade  - Physical Education
  • Third Grade - Art
  • Third Grade  - Music
  • Third Grade - Physical Education
  • Fourth Grade  - Art
  • Fourth Grade  - Music
  • Fourth Grade  - Physical Education
  • Fifth Grade - Art
  • Fifth Grade - Music
  • Fifth Grade - Physical Education