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Virtual Learning Academy Consortium

Traditional Elective Courses

boy playing music

VLAC will continue to offer traditional electives such as physical education, art, music. Students enrolled in these three classes will be provided with the accompanying materials kit if the kit is available from Lincoln.

Learn more at Lincoln Learning Electives.

Lincoln K-5 Electives

  • Kindergarten: Art
  • Kindergarten: Music
  • Kindergarten: Physical Education
  • First Grade: Art
  • First Grade: Music
  • First Grade: Physical Education
  • Second Grade: Art
  • Second Grade: Music
  • Second Grade: Physical Education
  • Third Grade: Art
  • Third Grade: Music
  • Third Grade: Physical Education
  • Fourth Grade: Art
  • Fourth Grade: Music
  • Fourth Grade: Physical Education
  • Fifth Grade: Art
  • Fifth Grade: Music
  • Fifth Grade: Physical Education

New Electives Beginning 2024-25 School Year

  • Fourth Grade: Introduction to Typing
  • Fifth Grade: Introduction for Foreign Language
  • Grades Kindergarten - Second: Beginners French
  • Grades Kindergarten - Second: Beginners Spanish
  • Grades Second- Fifth: Cursive Handwriting