Lincoln Grade 1

English Language Arts 1

English Language Arts 1 focuses on developing reading, writing, spelling, speaking, and listening skills. In this course, students begin to understand that spoken and written language can be broken into phonemes. They use rhyming, blending, and segmenting to develop the foundation needed to become an emergent reader. Students read prose, poetry, and informational texts for comprehension. They learn to interpret the ways in which stories and poems appeal to the senses and to identify the main topic and key ideas within texts. Students increase their vocabulary by learning to use morphemic and contextual analysis to determine the meaning of unknown words. Students learn to spell new words using various spelling rules. In English Language Arts 1, students hone their writing skills by practicing grammar rules for noun usage, personal possessive and indefinite pronouns, verb tenses, capitalization, commas, and end punctuation. In doing so, they learn to produce and expand sentences and to write opinion pieces, informational pieces, and narratives. This year, students begin learning how to research information and how to use their research to answer questions. They identify and use various parts of a book, such as headings and the table of contents. They also use digital tools to publish their writing. This course includes a printed Parent and Teacher Guide that will help you support your student’s learning.

Course Topics

• Phonological Awareness

• Phonics Fluency

• Comprehension

• Spelling

• Vocabulary

• Interpretation of Texts

• Story Elements

• Compare & Contrast

• Parts of a Book

• Summarizing Computer Skills

• Grammar & Punctuation

• Sentences

• Speaking & Listening

• Writing Research

Kit Material 

English Language Arts 1 Workbook • Parent/Teacher Guide English Language Arts 1 • uppercase letters flashcards • lower case letters flashcards • phonics flashcards • letter sound card • Sight Word Books: Sunrise Edition 1,2,3 & 4 • magnetic alphabet tiles • dry erase sentence strips

Lincoln Empowered Text Collection - Grade 1

• Dinosaur Dinner • decodable books • Be a Buddy, Not a Bully • Builda the Rebicycler • Don't Fear the Doctor • Last But Not Least • Seasons of the Great Tree • Twin Trouble • Mind Your Manners • A Healthy Pace • Buck's Bad Dreams • Super Dewey • Sweet Tooth Bun • Nothing But the Truth • Just Flash • The Perfect Dress • The Pirate Koostoe • Keeping Your Cool • Even Inks Need Friends • Wilda's General Store Adventure • Beaker's Winter Wonders • The Pride of Midlandia • Seed Day • The First Step 


Mathematics 1

In Mathematics 1, students begin to learn mathematics in a more formal way. They focus on rote counting to 120 and practice reading and writing these numbers. In addition to strengthening their addition and subtraction skills, they compare two-digit numbers using place values and the comparison symbols for greater than, less than, and equal to. Students measure lengths and use measurements to compare the lengths of multiple objects using nonstandard measuring and units. They strengthen their geometry skills by drawing two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, and they explore fractions by dividing those shapes into halves and quarters. Students also organize, represent, and interpret data in pictures, tables, and charts. Additionally, they tell and write times in hours and half-hours. This course includes a printed Parent and Teacher Guide that will help you support your student’s learning.

Course Topics

• Numbers Everywhere

• Use Objects to Add and Subtract

• Double Digits

• Geometry

• Number Relationships

• Halfway to 100

• Telling Time

• Building Bigger Numbers

• Interpreting Data & Pictures

• Measurement Large Numbers & Comparing


Parent/Teacher Guide Mathematics 1 • Mathematics 1 Workbook • base ten blocks • base ten decimeter cube • base ten flats • base ten rods • mini number balance • write-on clock • double-sided foam counters • -35 to 180 number line • 12 sets of tangrams


Science 1

Science 1 extends students’ exploration of the natural world. Along the way, they practice making predictions and observations, experimenting, and using scientific tools and problem-solving skills. Students investigate ecosystems and habitats, identifying the five basic needs of all living things, the importance of natural resources, and the interactions of human beings and the environment. They examine the agricultural system and its products and by-products. This course also introduces the water cycle and the Earth as a body in space. Students observe matter and describe its properties and states, and they discover the properties of light and sound. Study of force and motion enable them to define the terms and explain the effect of different amounts of force and also how moving objects stop. Finally, students develop their ability to distinguish fact from opinion and recognize the relation of cause and effect. This course includes a printed Parent and Teacher Guide that will help you support your student’s learning.

Course Topics

• Water

• Living Things

• Natural Resources

• Environment

• Agriculture

• Space Systems

• Light & Sound

• Matter

• Force & Motion

• Facts & Opinions

• Cause & Effect


Science 1 Workbook • Parent/Teacher Guide Science 1 • activated carbon charcoal • balance scale with gram weights • double sided foam counters • inflatable globe • small magnifier • marbles • folding meter stick • fake coins • permanent marker • radish seeds • thermometer • sand • soil


Social Studies 1

Social Studies 1 leads students beyond their local community to consider their place in their state, the nation, and the world. They explore the function and characteristics of government in the United States, including the role of rules and laws and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Students also learn how to ask questions and gather information to understand history. The course focuses on developing students’ knowledge of the interplay between the physical world and human societies, as they learn basic geography skills, such as map reading, and examine the impact of the environment on how and where people live and how regional variations drive trade in both goods and services. Finally, students build their understanding of good citizenship by identifying ways to contribute to the community and avoid conflict and by interacting respectfully with others. This course includes a printed Parent and Teacher Guide that will help you support your student’s learning.

Course Topics

• Basic Geography

• People & the Environment

• Historical Analysis

• My State

• United States History

• United States Government

• World History

• Citizenship

• Rules & Laws

• Economics


Social Studies 1 Workbook • Parent/Teacher Guide Social Studies 1 • Inflatable Globe


Physical Education 1

Physical Education 1 offers students a complete physical education experience where students are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles through good food choices and daily activity. The course begins by introducing students to the requirements for completion, which include 36 hours of organized, supervised physical activity. Students document all activity within their PE Logs. From there, students learn about a number of different elements of a healthy lifestyle, including safety, working with others, responsibility, stretching, healthy versus unhealthy foods, and warming-up and cooling-down. Regardless of the activity students are asked to do on a given day, they are expected to get up and move for a certain amount of time within each lesson. This expectation encourages students to be active every day by creating a routine. Students can be active by performing different exercises, engaging in different activities, or by using items from their grade-appropriate physical education kits, which are available to purchase. The kit is designed to work in conjunction with the course content and contains age-appropriate exercise and activity items. Adaptive physical education activities are available for this course.

Course Topics

• Essentials of Education

• Heart Health

• Nutrition Measuring

• Fitness

• Jump Rope

• Ankle Swing Ball

• Striking Skills

• Badminton

• Anatomy


Art 1

 In Art 1, students explore the roles of both groups of people. Students learn how daily life can be used as inspiration, and how it can be depicted through artwork. They categorize artworks according to the subject matter each is portraying. Additionally, students learn to recognize the elements of art and the principles of design, and they rate artwork. Students explore the ways in which artwork is created outside of the school setting, and they discover that art is made for different reasons. As practicing artists, students will develop their art vocabulary, art understanding, and artistic skills as they work through prompts supplied in the course.

Course Topics

• Using Art

• Vocabulary

• Everyday Objects in Art

• Art Outside of School

• Making Art for Different

• Reasons Value of Art


Music 1

 In Music 1, students are introduced to music fundamentals such as solfège, rhythms, dynamics, meter, instrument families, and dance forms. Each topic is presented through the use of music and movement activities that include reading, singing, dancing, and writing. Students improvise original rhythmic compositions. They sing using various forms of musical expression and dance. They learn and practice proper stage and performance etiquette techniques, and they explore the ways in which music and dance work together to create specific dance forms. Students also learn about American composers whose music has influenced the American society.

Course Topics

• Communicating through Music

• About the Beat

• Fun Expressions

• Music About Me

• Musical Ideas

• Refining the Rhythm

• Types of Instruments

• Musical Expression

• Influences on America

• Music and Dancing

Print Materials

  • 4 sets of sight word cards phonics flashcards
  • 2 literature collections
  • uppercase flashcards
  • lowercase flashcards
  • letter sound cards
  • Breaker's Winter Wonders 
  • Be a Buddy, Not a Bully
  • Wilda's General Store
  • Buck's Bad Dreams
  • Even Inks Need Friends
  • Just Flash
  • The Pride of Midlandia
  • Seasons of the Great Tree
  • The Perfect Dress
  • Don't Fear the Doctor
  • Mind Your Manners
  • Keeping Your Cool
  • Nothing But the Truth
  • Super Dewey
  • Seed Day
  • A Healthy Place
  • Last But Not Least
  • Builda the Rebicycler
  • Sweet Tooth Bun
  • The Pirate Koostoe
  • Twin Trouble
  • The First Step