VLAC High School


Freshmen can visit our website to start enrolling in late April.  Students in grades 10-12 are by referral only and should contact their local district. Participating districts can be found below.

The High School Curriculum

The foundation of the Virtual Learning Academy Consortium High School is a curriculum offered through Lincoln Learning Solutions, guided by your local mentor teacher.  These rigorous courses are highly engaging and are aligned to the Michigan content standards.  Lincoln classes provide standards-aligned learning objects that make content mastery possible. Students can also personalize their schedule of courses with electives.  VLAC mentors meet with each student to personalize their schedule to fulfill graduation standards while developing the student's interest.

To prepare students enrolling in VLAC with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in college and the workplace, students are required to engage in rigorous online coursework that meet the requirements set forth in the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC). The MMC requires students to obtain a minimum of 18 credits for graduation.

*MMC requirements can be found online at Michigan Department of Education (www.michigan.gov/mde).

VLAC Credit Requirements and Graduation

Students earn credit for successful completion of each VLAC course taken. Students' work and assessments will be graded on an A-F scale and will be documented on their VLAC academic record. Students who earn the required number of credits for the district they are enrolled in will be recommended for graduation. VLAC officials will send the final transcript along with the recommendation for graduation to the VLAC member district where the student is enrolled and that district will issue the high school diploma. VLAC is unable to accept high school students who are credit deficient. Oakland Schools has options with Graduation Alliance for high school students to recover credits. Please contact us at 248.209.2071 for more information or reach out to your enrolling district for additional options.

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