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Information for Participating Districts


Participating districts roll in enrollment is to verify student data and give permission for students to enroll via electronic signature.
Districts appoint one staff member to approve enrollments.
Once a family initiates enrollment online via MISTAR, an electronic verification and signature.
Students with IEP's or 504's have an additional signature requirement from a district designee who works with special populations. 


VLAC provides:
Teacher of record and mentor teacher of record
Count month two way interaction documentation 
Data associated with REP and Pupil Accounting
Required State Testing
Online curriculum and technology
End of semester grades
Teacher participation in IEP, 504 and other student support meetings
Individual Reading Improvement Plan
K-8 i-Ready Diagnostic and Personalized Instruction
Access to MISTAR reporting and student data functionality.
Participating Districts Provide:
Access to clubs, sports and other approved school events
Optional State Testing such as PSAT
IEP and 504 Coordinator, Ancillary Support, Goal monitoring
Graduation requirement documentation (PE Waivers, Heritage Language, Personalized Curriculum, Reduced Schedule etc.)


VLAC staff are able to implement requested levels of district support and monitoring. Districts are provided regular updates regarding student progress and attendance. 

Districts facing unique situations with learners find VLAC a flexible long or short term option to educate students. Though we have a general program structure, districts often contact us to find solutions to meet the learning needs of a wide variety of situations. Contact us at for a collaborative discussion on what possibilities we may have for you.