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Lincoln Grade 7

English Language Arts 7

English Language Arts 7 introduces students to reading a wide array of literature and informational texts. In addition, students explore the elements of literature, focusing on plot, setting, and characters. By studying language and engaging in different writing assignments, students begin to explore different ways to state their opinions, to make claims, and to verbalize in an effective manner.

Course Topics

• Story Elements

• Literary Structure & Texts

• Grammar

• Vocabulary Acquisition

• Informational Structure & Texts

• Nonfiction Texts

• Essay Writing

• Media Presentations

• Speech Adaption

This course does not offer a kit. All resources are online. 


Mathematics 7

Students in Mathematics 7 begin their journey on the pathway to developing a strong mathematics framework. Students hone their arithmetic skills in this course, preparing them for more difficult and detailed calculations. Students work through fractions and decimals and begin developing algebraic skills by learning to work with and solve two-step equations. Students also explore probabilities, data, and statistics.

Course Topics

• Equations

• Probability, Including Experimental and Theoretical Probability

• Multi-step Equations

• Ordered Pairs

• Fractions & Decimals

• Rates & Ratios

• Proportions

• Unit Rates

• Absolute Value


4 inch protractor • compass • marbles • 6-sided die


Science 7 - Life Science

Middle School Life Science introduces students to an integrated approach to physical and life sciences. Students study science concepts and problem solving, while exploring the many aspects of the living and nonliving world around them. Students review numerous cycles of life and study their impact on animal, plant, and human life. Students also investigate important topics in histology, heredity, and the biology of living organisms.

Course Topics

•        Basic Characteristics of Life

•        Structure & Function of the Cell

•        Levels of Biological Organization

•        Growth & Development of Organisms

•        Organization of Energy & Matter in Ecosystems

•        Cycles of Matter in Ecosystems

•        Ecosystem Dynamics

•        Heredity

•        Mendelian Genetics

•        Evidence for Evolution

•        Natural Selection

•        Adaptations

Course includes a kit with science supplies. 


Social Studies 7 - Civics and Government

Middle School Civics and Government introduces students to the basic principles of the democratic government of the United States. Students examine the structure of legislation, including the numerous branches of government and the roles that each branch plays governing the nation. Students look at local and state governments, including mandates and laws and how those laws affect citizens locally and nationally.

 Course Topics

•        Political Parties

•        Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches

•        Voting & Civil Rights

•        Local Government

•        State Government

•        Taxation & Tax Structure

•        Public & Private Services

•        Mandates & Laws

•        Origin of Law

•        The Constitution

•        Amendment Creation

This course does not offer a kit. All resources are online. 


Art 7

In Art 7, students transition from exploratory art discovery to a more discipline-based approach. This new approach focuses on developing students’ skills and techniques as well as content knowledge, while still allowing for exploration and individuality. Students have the opportunity to act as real artists through repeated sketching, concept development, and continued research and observation activities while they work with a variety of media. Art 7 includes a strong focus on independent, creative thinking and problem solving through project-based learning. This course is designed to cover a half year of instruction, but it can be completed at each student’s own pace. The project-based activities have dedicated, multi- day lessons to allow students time to sufficiently and successfully develop their ideas and artwork.

Course Topics

• Identity

• Explosion

• Grass-Growing Clay Pets

• Thief in the Night

• Unconventional Garment

• Figures of Inspiration

• Two-Sided Landscape Art

• Daily Food Sculpture


Music 7

In Music 7, students explore the history, development, and attributes of American music. They will learn music theory and music reading skills, which are presented and reinforced within the context of historical musical works. Students interpret sheet music that represents various genres of American music. Additionally, students practice performing music vocally and with a pitched instrument.

Course Topics

• Foundations of Music

• Musicalities

• Musical Architecture

• Westward Bound

• Turn of the Century

• Take the Stage

• Talk about Pop Music

• Music of the Future


Physical Education 7

Physical Education 7 offers a comprehensive physical education course for students to assist them in creating a healthy lifestyle and living active life. Students begin by learning about the required 72 hours of supervised, physical activity and how to document their activity in a PE Log. Students can also track their activity by using a Movband, which is a physical fitness step tracker. Students then move through the course content, which ranges from topics about healthy living and eating to a variety of fun and challenging activities and exercise techniques. Before attempting each activity, students receive instruction on the basic elements and the proper execution of each movement so that they can get the most benefits from the exercise. Regardless of the activity the student is asked to do within a given day, they are encouraged to get up and move for a certain amount of time within each lesson. This expectation helps them to create a routine-like schedule. Students can be active by performing different exercises, engaging in different activities, or by using items from their grade-appropriate physical education kits, which are available to purchase. This kit, which is designed to work in conjunction with the course content, contains age-appropriate exercise and activity items. Students who participate in organized team practices, games, and/or matches can also document activity within the Sports Verification Log. Adaptive physical education activities are available for this course.

Course Topics

• Tracking Activity

• Physical Fitness Components

• F.I.T.T. Principle

• Fitness Ball

• Resistance Bands

• Playground Ball Games

• Workout Regimen

• Badminton

• Basketball

• Anatomy

• Fitness Growth