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Virtual Learning Academy Consortium

Lincoln Grade 8

English Language Arts 8

English Language Arts 8 introduces students to literature and informational texts. Through lessons on the literary elements, the structure of texts, and the basics of grammar and composition, students apply analytical thinking skills to the works that they read. Students also delve into poetry in this course by dissecting the structure of poems, the language, and the terminology that is often affiliated with the genre. Students also apply their listening and speaking skills through presentations and projects.

Course Topics

• Mood, Style, & Tone

• Elements of Narratives

• Grammatical Rules

• Characterization

• Word Choice & Exploration

• Reading of Literature

• Writing Process

• Fiction, Nonfiction, & Poetry

This course does not offer a kit. All resources are online. 


Mathematics 8

Mathematics 8 prepares students for more difficult mathematics courses by exposing students to foundational arithmetic concepts. Students in this course examine the elements of geometry by being introduced to angles, lines, and points. Students apply this knowledge to graphs using coordinate planes and by completing calculations between two points’ distances. Students also study the scientific notation, which assists them in computations and provides a framework for more difficult calculations.

Course Topics

• Sequences

• Linear & Algebraic equations

• Probability

• Surface Area

• Data Representation

• Pythagorean Theorem

• Number Systems

• Square Roots

• Rational and Irrational Numbers

• Solving Equations

This course does not offer a kit. All resources are online. 



In Pre-Algebra, students explore concepts such as integers, expressions, equations, and fractions. This course provides students with a solid foundation for Algebra I and emphasizes the use of technology, problem solving, critical thinking, and reasoning. VLAC students must  approved for this advanced course. The standard math course for 8th grade is Math *. 

Course Topics

• Linear Functions

• Plots

• Slopes and Intercepts

• Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences

• Geometry

• Equations

• Pythagorean Theorem

This course does not offer a kit. All resources are online. 


Science 8 - Physical Science

Middle School Physical Science introduces students to the foundational concepts of both physics and chemistry. Students begin by studying topics related to the nature of science and engineering, where they gain the skills necessary to succeed in inquiry-based and engineering labs. They move on to learn the general principles of chemistry and physics, including matter and energy, chemical reactions, motion and forces, and interactions of waves. This course allows students to explore these major concepts through unique labs based on real-world phenomena.

Course Topics

•        Matter

•        Energy

•        Chemical Bonds & Reactions

•        Forces & Motion

•        Work, Energy, and Power

•        Sound Waves

•        Light Waves

•        Electricity

•        Magnets & Magnetism

Course includes a kit with science supplies. 


Social Studies 8 - American History I – Colonial Era through Civil War

American History I – Colonies through Civil War introduces students to early American history and covers topics ranging from the first inhabitants of the North American continent through the end of the American Civil War. Students examine the growth of the United States, including major events that led to the American Revolution; post-Revolutionary War growth; the political, economic, and social landscape in the early 1800s; slavery; and territorial expansion. Students explore the concept of Manifest Destiny and the Civil War, leading to an analysis of the state of the nation at the Civil War’s end.

 Course Topics

•        Election of 1828 European Colonization of America

•        Canada, Central America, & Mexican Independence

•        Opposing Native Americans

•        The Constitution

•        The Bill of Rights

•        Civil War

•        Northern & Southern Advancement

•        Immigration

•        Industrial Revolution

This course does not offer a kit. All resources are online. 


Art 8

In Art 8, students will be introduced to design elements and principles, as well as contemporary art-making processes and the act of conceptual thinking. The Art 8 curriculum is designed to cover a half year of instruction, but it can be completed at each student’s own pace.

Course Topics

• Art Journaling

• Social Justice Graphic Novel

• Hockney Photographic Collage

• Museum Curation and Narration

• Identifying Group Triptych

• Assemblage

• Masking Tape Murals


Music 8

In Music 8, students are introduced to a variety of music genres and instruments. They explore the concepts of rhythm, melody, timbre, texture, dynamics, form, and rhythm, and they learn to sight read music. Students listen to various examples of songs to interpret performances, and they compose and perform their own song.

Course Topics

• Music Theory

• Elements of Music

• Family of Instruments

• Music Genres

• World Music

• Talent Competition

• Sight Reading

• Writing Music

• Composing


Physical Education 8

Physical Education 8 offers a complete physical education experience for students, helping them learn about and implement healthy habits. Whether it is with nutrition, exercise, or general life choices, students are educated on the multiple facets of creating a healthy lifestyle. Students begin by learning about the required 72 hours of supervised, physical activity and how to document their activity in a PE Log. Students can also track their activity by using a Movband fitness tracker. Next, students begin to work through the course content, which ranges from topics about the F.I.T.T. principle and other physical fitness components to various fun and challenging activities and exercise techniques. Before attempting each activity, students receive instruction on the basic elements and the proper execution of each movement so that they can get the most benefits from the exercise. Regardless of the activity the student is asked to do within a given day, they are encouraged to get up and move for a certain amount of time within each lesson. Students can be active by performing different exercises, engaging in different activities, or by using items from their grade-appropriate physical education kits, which are available to purchase. This kit, which is designed to work in conjunction with the course content, contains age-appropriate exercise and activity items. Students who participate in organized team practices, games, and/or matches can also document activity within the Sports Verification Log. Adaptive physical education activities are available for this course.

Course Topics

• Tracking Activity

• Health Components

• Nutrition