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Virtual Learning Academy Consortium

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VLAC?

VLAC is a home-based virtual learning opportunity for students in grades K-12. Our program is a public school option for parents (and other caregivers) that are willing to guide their child's learning but preferring a flexible, home-based environment.

What is the cost?

VLAC is a public school program offered at no charge to families. Participating districts pay tuition to VLAC so that students can utilize VLAC.

When can we enroll?

Open enrollment begins in late spring (generally in late April). During open enrollment, parents can initiate the enrollment process. Families must still enroll in a district. The district must still approve each enrollment.

What is the deadline for enrollment?

Enrollment closes the Friday after Labor Day. It is recommended that enrollment be completed no later than August 1st, so the family can complete the enrollment process and have all materials the first day of school. Families completing enrollment in late August may not have materials the first day of school. VLAC's flexible calendar does allow for this.

What about enrollment after the deadline or mid-year enrollments?

After the first Friday of the school year, students can enroll if the district agree to or initiates the enrollment. Parents cannot start the enrollment process online as they can during open enrollment. Generally, the district needs to see a need for the enrollment to begin the process. If you are interested in enrolling in VLAC outside our enrollment windows we suggest talking with your district enrollment office. Not sure who to contact? Email and we will contact your district on your behalf.

When is the first day of school?

VLAC starts the Tuesday after Labor Day.

What curriculum do you use?

VLAC k-8 families choose between Calvert and Lincoln Learning curriculum. Both are aligned with national and state standards. Both choices have digital and print materials. More information about each curriculum is on our learning pathways pages. 

VLAC High school uses Lincoln Learning courses that meet all the requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum allowing student to earn a public school diploma. Students who need to meet NCAA requirements will find a variety of courses to choose from.

What are the requirements?

Parents must enroll their student in a local school district that participates with VLAC. Each student is required to work with a learning guide in the student’s home. Students are required to respond to a minimum of one (1) contact per week that is initiated by their VLAC teacher. Students in grades 3-8 and 11 are required to participate in the annual required state assessments.  For additional requirements view the Parent/Student Agreement.

What districts are participating? 

VLAC serves students in Genesee, Lapeer County, Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties. Please visit our Participating Districts​ page for a complete list of districts.

What do I receive?

Students who enroll in VLAC are provided with technology equipment (including computer package and internet access) and materials needed to participate in the program. Students in Grades K-8 are shipped physical books, Science kits, and other needed learning materials. 

What kind of technology is needed?

VLAC offers one computer per student and one printer/scanner per household along with the recommended amount of toner and paper. The models vary. VLAC will also provide internet access for the student use in the home. A family may waive the technology equipment and/or internet service. After a student has completed one full year of the VLAC program, the computer and/or printer may be purchased at a depreciated value. For additional information regarding technology families may refer to the Acceptable Use Agreement​.

What are the computer system requirements?

Students will need the listed minimum configurations in order to participate in the program.

Will I have support?

Highly qualified Michigan teachers provide VLAC students with instructional oversight and daily curriculum support.

Can I only use the books and not the online system?

No.  Students must complete online checkpoints and assessments. Daily lessons for most grade levels require regular online activity.

Do you accept a student with IEPs, and 504's?

Yes. VLAC can be an option for students with an IEP if it is determined that a student will benefit from VLAC. The student's school district of enrollment must approve VLAC placement as part of the student's IEP.

Do you accept expelled or suspended students?

Yes. VLAC can be an option for students who have long term suspensions or students who are expelled. Expelled and suspended students must be approved for placement by the school district of enrollment. 

Does my student need to take the State Assessments?

Yes, students in grades 3-8 and 11 are required to participate in annual State testing. These tests require several days of in person attendance during the school year. 

How much time do I have to spend each day educating my child?

Parent (and other caregivers) participation is vital to student success in the program. To be successful, our program requires a five-day-a-week schedule similar to the time spent in a traditional classroom. It is recommended that you dedicate an average of five hours per day of your home school schedule to working with your child.

Is there a strict schedule or specific time my child needs to login?

The schedule can vary every day, based on family schedules and the student’s mastery of that day’s lessons. Virtual programs can be incorporated into vacation and other times. Many families report that VLAC allows for efficient use of time while providing the flexibility that they need.

What's the difference between home-schooling and virtual public schools?

Home-schooling places all of the responsibility and decision-making on the family: you decide what curriculum to use and how, where and when to teach your child. You will generally be responsible for paying for the curriculum as well. A virtual public school is a tuition-free home based schooling option with support from highly qualified teachers, using a proven curriculum that meets state and national standards. 

Will there be opportunities for students to get together?

Yes. Events are planned throughout the school year. Attendance is optional and some events may require a small fee.

How do I get more information?

Families are welcome to email to schedule a personalized virtual or phone meeting with our staff. 

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Supervisor of Student Programs & Director VLAC

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